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A Verona Rose Ting LTD

Screen Nation award nominated production company 'A Verona Rose Ting'.

Fund Raising to Create Treatment 

Go Fund Me Campaign  -

We are a group of black female actors, writers, directors, Camera people, producers, editors and more.

We all share aspirations of creating more opportunities for black British creatives in the British film and TV industry so have taken it upon ourselves to write a comedy show about a black hair salon called 'Treatment' which explores the lives of a number of black characters that work in the Salon . These characters are diverse and show characteristics of black women we rarely/if ever get to see on our TV Screens. We plan to have a diverse crew on board and would really love to support Black British LGBTQ+ in film and production.

We are asking for donations to assist in supporting this project. No donation is too small.

The funds will be used to pay cast and crew, for their time and effort as well as allow us to pay for locations, and provide all with food and transport on shoot days.

Our plan is to begin filming mid April, however pre-production, location scouting, Casting etc starts now.

Those currently involved in the project have worked in the industry for a number of years, in front of or behind the camera and to work on a predominately black owned, black produced project with rounded character that are more than the stereotypes we often see or get cast as, would mean an incredible amount to every single one of us.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Treatment Pilot Episode

Treatment Teaser